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An Open Letter to Baby Polers....

Dear New girl in class: Welcome we are so glad you are here. I know that it seems like it’s so easy for us and that you will never be able to do the things you see us do, but you will. It was hard for us when we started; it’s still hard for us, but it’s just different hard. Most of us started out having no clue how to hang on the pole at all. If you are like most of us, you thought it was going to be easier than it is. Poling is hard. It’s harder than most of us dreamed. I want to say, don’t give up. Keep coming back. The things that you are struggling with will become easy for you and then you will find a whole new set of things to struggle with. Also, don’t be intimidated of u

Here We Goal? or Here We Go Again?

As the last stretch of the year 2017 pulls in many people who are looking to redefining their life with a brand new set of financial goals, health and wellness goals, relationship goals, and you guessed it....FITNESS goals. So what's new? Are you promising yourself that in 2018 you will refrain from cluttering the bedroom treadmill with your laundry or that you will dust off those P90X home fitness DVDs and dance with Shun T of Insanity? Have you ever pondered why all of those exercise plans didn’t work? No, we mean really analyzed what caused this fitness plan failure that keeps bringing you back to ground zero year after year. No decrease in inches or pounds or if you saw a little they did

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