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The Good News about being quarantined - is being virtual

Benefit from a beginner pole dance lesson at home! - Save time by limiting the need to travel to a dance studio - Get straight to lesson without interupptions from other classmates - Pause and rewind the lessons you take to double down on the understanding - Learn from the comfort of your home where you are more confident - Build virtual relationships with classmates from all over Power BAR Women's fitness has stepped into the virtual education realm with online pole fitness and dance classes. If you have a dance pole at home that has just been collecting dust and you haven't found the time to actually get to the dance studio - take the class from home! YES! This means make as many mistakes

Coronavirus Prevention Measures on behalf of Power BAR Women's Fitness

Dallas, Texas - If you are a participant or member of our Power BAR Women's Fitness dance studio, we recommend you watch this video to see what measures our Founder and CEO is taking to prevent the spread of the virus. We are community that wants to support health and wellness and in lieu of the recent events we are going to temporarily pause regularly scheduled classes effective March 16th until March 29th. If anything should change and things improve sooner, we will certainly lift the class pause earlier. Pole parties, for now will continue to be conducted and closely monitored. We will be extending the terms of purchases to see that there are no losses to anyone's self care investment

What Do I Wear To Pole Dance Class? And What If I Don't Want To Wear Shorts?

Clothing!!! 🩱👙🩳👚 Such a major decision for pole class and also one of the main reasons people don't come. Power BAR Women's Fitness is here to give some SOUND ADVICE on what to wear for pole class and relieve some of the misconceptions that could be deterring you. . If you don't feel comfortable in a tank top, in shorts, in a bikini, in heels...Then don't wear it. Power BAR will meet you where you are. Yes, skin contact is the most helpful methodologies when learning pole fitness, but so is you being comfortable. . As you begin being comfortable in the environment, with your peers, and coach you will start becoming more confident with your clothing. . The key is getting started. The b

What Does Pole Dancing Help With?

Pole and Dance Fitness Classes in the Dallas and Fort Worth area! . Do you want to learn Pole Dancing and gain all of the benefits it has to offer? . Power BAR Women's Fitness offers a variety of ways to workout and be happy at the same time! . BAR Babes (Beginner Pole) Floor n' Core (Abs and total body) Power Bunz (Butt and Legs) BARlesque (Cardio) BAR, Body n' Tease (Cardio) BAR LEVEL Series (Progressive Pole) . Are you ready to get started with having all the progress our classes offer? Take a positive step forward today and sign up for classes at www.powerbarfit.com/class-schedule . We will see YOU at the BAR!! WWW.POWERBARFIT.COM

Should Teens Be Permitted To Take a Pole Dancing Class? If so, what's the age...

Let's Address This Issue! . Should we as a society allow teens (13-17 yo) to Pole Dance? . Pole Dancing can be seen EVERYWHERE. It is in the movies, music videos, Superbowl Shows, magazines, social media, and now in our own living rooms. . Is Pole Dance itself a bad thing or is it HOW it is done? . Pole Dance can be like anything else, presented in different lights. From a teen's vantage point, why cant it just be truly about the acrobatics, flexibility, strength training, and endurance? . If we take sensuality out of it - how is it different from gymnastics? . Power BAR Women's Fitness understands the sometimes controversial nature behind offering pole classes to teens, however We Take

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