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Why Pole Dance is a Better Way to Fitness

Why Pole Dance is a Better Way to Fitness

Are you looking for the best way to burn calories? Or you just want to burn fat and build muscle mass? You might have been considering the option of taking a fitness class but don't know which is best for you. Well, we are going to tell you to go for a fitness dance membership, and not just any fitness dance membership; go for the best of them all -pole dance classes.

Pole dancing is considered to be the best when it comes to fitness and exercises, most especially if you are a woman.

Taking up a membership with us at Power Bar for Women's Fitness will ensure that you reach your fitness goal in a better, fun and faster way than going for other fitness routines like Zumba, the conventional gym routines, and Crossfit. There are a lot of reasons why pole dancing is considered to be better than a lot of these other work-out routines. Let's take a closer look at why you should opt for pole dancing instead of other fitness dance classes.

REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO FOR POLE DANCING Now, although pole dancing is kind of similar to Zumba and CrossFit, pole dancing is a lot better and here are the reasons why:

CREATIVE EXPRESSION Pole dancing allows you the flexibility and ability to express yourself in a more creative way. You'll be able to create your own dance and fitness routine, thereby creating an art that could be achieved anywhere, even in front of your family and friends. Pole dancing allows you to be comfortable with yourself when you work-out. Unlike CrossFit where everything is high intensity, pole dancing allows you to experience your emotions, including sexiness, clumsiness, frustration, and excitement. You'll be delighted with expressing yourself.

FASTER RESULTS Another reason why pole dancing is better -especially the classes at Power Bar for Women's fitness- is because you get faster results; faster than when you go through routines from conventional gym and other dance classes. According to researches, pole dancing will help you achieve what you are going to achieve in a year with conventional gym routine in just six months. You'll get the same if not better muscle tone without straining yourself by lifting those bulky weights. Pole dance classes also help with burning calories at a faster pace as it works with every muscle in your body. You will always be on the move, thereby putting both cardiovascular and isometric exercise into one routine.


Pole dance classes at Power Bar for Women's Fitness are very safe. You use your own body weight to work out which reduces the risk of being involved in any form of injury associated with weight lifting. Poles are tightly screwed to the floor and the ceiling so you'll have no cause to worry as that's the only equipment you are likely to be using.

EMPOWERMENT Pole dance classes provide you with the ability to empower yourself. You'll be able to build your confidence, have fun, relate with other women, enjoy yourself, take note of your body and emotions, all the while still exercising and building your muscle mass. Register with us today at Power Bar for Women's Fitness and enjoy every benefit that can be enjoyed from taking pole dance classes.

If you are ready to get started with your first Pole Dance Class visit us at one of our locations near you!


Arlington Pole Dance Studio Location:

3901 West Arkansas Lane Suite 114 Arlington, Texas 76016 - Serving the Arlington, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and surrounding areas

Richardson Pole Dance Studio Location;

2100 North Greenville Ave, Suite 100 Richardson, Texas 75082 -Serving the Richardson, Plano, North Dallas, Garland, and surrounding areas

Balch Springs Pole Dance Studio Location;

4000 Pioneer Road Suite 206 Balch Springs, Texas 75181 -Serving the Balch Springs, Mesquite, Seagoville, Terrell, Forney, Rockwall, and surrounding areas

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