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Here are 5 Reasons a Beginner Pole Dance Student Should Follow a Structured Pole Fitness Program

| Power BAR Women's Fitness Pole Studios of Dallas Texas

1) It cuts down on the content of pole being so overwhelming. When you first start to learn pole dancing you have so many things to learn like pole grips, static vs spin pole, how to control momentum, what clothing to wear, coordination, strength training, muscle endurance.... and the list goes on... So, start in bite sized pieces and your progression will come faster.

2) It puts the pole tricks into perspective. You will understand what is truly a beginner pole dance move and what should be classified as advanced. You will not try to move ahead of what your body is currently conditioned for because you will have the knowledge of what may not be safe to attempt at your current level.

3) You will feel more accomplishment verses defeat. Feeling not good enough is a common emotion in pole dancing. The issue sometimes comes from those students who are mixed into higher level classes watching people who have already went through the learning curve. By being grouped with others who are on your "chrome - link" you will not be haunted by the thief of comparison as much.

4) It significantly reduces the risk of injury. When you take your time with learning how to pole you will not compromise your joints, muscles, bones, and overall body. You will have the proper conditioning and know how to be able to execute moves safely without taking lucky spins and hoping you nail the trick. Your control of movement will be there, and you can build off of your progress as you go along and your understanding of how to properly execute a trick because you can use cross references will help you a lot on the pole.

5) It keeps things interesting. Think of learning pole like dating. If you found out everything there is to know about a person the first night the spark would burn off pretty fast right? The same for pole - except you will not want to dump this date! Pole has a lifetime membership because there are so many different methodologies to learn. Floor Work, Chair, Tricks, Routines, Flexibility, and more. The choices are endless, especially when you take the time to enjoy the journey along the way.

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