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"Strip Down, Rise Up" The New Netflix Pole Dancing Documentary Out February 5th

A New Netflix Documentary, "Strip Down, Rise Up" is helping the world understand the WHY behind pole dancing.

Why do so many women, and some men flock to take a pole dance class near them? Is it because they want to be an exotic dancer or just to poke fun at the idea of stripper life?

This raw documentary shares a different representation of what taking pole lessons is all about.

Some women share their insecurities, past sexual abuse stories, and need for being in tune with their sensual side as reasons they chose to go along on a six month journey in Pole Fitness.

"What if we just didn't carry around shame about our bodies..."

If you are a student of pole dancing this is a MUST WATCH Documentary. There are so many relatable stories portrayed that will support you on your journey.

If you are not a pole student, but maybe want to learn how to pole dance, or if someone you know is into pole dancing and you want to understand more about their obsession - WATCH this documentary.

Power BAR Women's Fitness of Dallas, Tx is in total support of what Strip Down and Rise Up has to offer its viewers. We understand the powerful life change pole dancing can bring to people who struggle with body shaming, insecurities, and self love.

Our dance studios in the DFW are in total solidarity with the mission of this Netflix Original masterpiece. It is time that the world knows Pole Dancing for any reason: art, erotica, sport, fitness... is here to stay!

This is a movement like none other because it is changing the lives of the people it touches.

We can not wait to watch this documentary with our Pole Dance community on February 5th 2021. We will have a chrome pole in one hand and popcorn in the other!

If you are in the Downtown Dallas area on February 5th, we invite you to watch the premiere with us!



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