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Local Pole Dancing Classes for Beginners, pole fitness studio Arlington, TX for Dance Fitness Classes

If you are looking for a Pole Dance Fitness studio that is invested in your development then Power BAR Women's Fitness of Dallas, Texas is for you. Our Pole Coaching staff is dedicated to helping you learn how to pole dance, gain more confidence, increase your fitness levels, throw an unforgettable bachelorette or birthday party, or any other pole related goals you may have. 

Our staff listens to your needs and plans accordingly. You can trust PBWF with your Pole Journey

Our Mission

Power BAR Women’s Fitness is dedicated to creating and supporting strong women. Strength is defined as being mentally and physically powerful.  We desire all women whose lives we touch to be further motivated in self-love and acceptance with a growing desire to self-improve.  We deeply desire to reach as many women as possible through our community efforts of feminine empowerment. We strongly urge each woman to love and admire themselves first. We desire to use the platform of pole dancing to reach multitudes of women that are seeking to take control of their self-development and self-acceptance. We are driven because we know each woman is more powerful than she may believe and often many women hide in the shadows of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Through fitness, community, and Pole Dance fun -
Power BAR Women’s Fitness provides a safe and positive atmosphere for women to embrace how powerful they truly are.


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