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Common Questions About Pole Dancing

Answered HERE

What is the Weight Limit For the Dance Poles? 

Our poles hold up to 350 pounds and are professionally installed and mounted to the floor and ceiling for maximum support. 

Do you have Beginner Only Classes? 

Yes, PBWF offers a Beginner Drop in Pole Class called "Intro to BAR" that has a curriculum styled for beginners. The class focus is basic pole spins, tricks, guided choreography, and cardio conditioning. 

How do you need to dress for a pole class?

Skin is your best friend when it comes to being able to grip the dance pole tightly. The more exposed skin, the higher the likelihood of you finding support on the pole. Shorts, Tanks, Socks, Tennis Shoes, High Heels if you are comfortable in them are all recommended outfit choices. 


Uncomfortable in shorts?


When you are just getting started, come as you are. The goal is to be comfortable so you can engage in the lesson. As you learn more about pole dancing techniques and tricks you will feel more confident about being less clothed.

How old do you have to be to take a Pole Class?

PBWF welcomes students as young as 15 years of age with Parental Written Permission. Not all classes may by acceptable for youth under the age of 18 to attend and those will be mentioned at sign up. 

Pole Dance is about Fitness, Self Confidence, and Inner Strength. We encourage the youth to learn about Pole Dance Fitness in a positive light and one that encourages self love. 

What is a Drop-In Class? 

Our Drop in classes are our single class option. Mainly used by prospective students wanting to try out a pole class or try a new pole dance studio near them. These drop in classes are open to all levels and have a central focus on general pole or dance training. These are not made for groups, but rather for the individual experience

Do you Offer Private Group Pole Classes? 

Yes, PBWF offers packages that groups small or large can book. The packages are often selected for celebratory reasons such as: reunions, bachelorette party activities, birthday parties, couple games night, or just a private way to get away with friends. See our Group Packages for more info

Are Men Allowed into Pole Classes? 

Participating men are absolutely welcomed with an accompanying purchase. We also offer private lessons and private group pole packages. 


Do I need to be in shape to start pole dance fitness classes? 


No absolutely not. Pole is a workout class. Although niche, a lot of the same principles apply. There is strength training, cardio conditioning, flexibility exercises, and more. You will learn the techniques of pole dancing while building the strength to do so in the process. 

Is pole dancing effective for weight loss?

Yes, combined with other efforts such as proper nutrition, rest, and leading a reduced stress life you can absolutely lose weight with regular pole dancing. Keep in mind however that at times you may see the number on the scale go up at first because Pole Dancing can build more muscle due to the strength training component. In Phase two of a continued pole regimen, you will start seeing a lose of inches and reduced weight when the newly formed muscles eat away at the body fat when you are at rest.

What is the difference between pole dancing and pole fitness?

Pole Dancing is a focus on Choreography, Cardio Dance, and Routines. Pole Fitness is focused on Tricks and Fitness. The terms are used interchangeably and often you will not get one without the other, however they are two totally different modalities. 

How many times a week should you pole dance?

For maximum results, while still giving your body recovery time, 5 times a week is a healthy target. Each session should be 45 minutes to 6o minutes in session with a proper warm up and cool down. Keep in mind the intensity of training could require you drop down to 3 times per week. Always listen to your body and act accordingly. 

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