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The #1 Reason People Take Pole Dancing Classes

While fitness is in the forefront, it is not the main reason.

It is more like fitness of your inner being.

  • Feeling like every room you walk in – You Own It.

  • Feeling like you can do anything!

  • Feeling supported, loved, and appreciated.

  • Having the Confidence to be yourself.

The NUMBER ONE reason people take pole classes (at least initially) is to Build CONFIDENCE.

There are many reasons we lose confidence, but they great thing is – we can always gain it back if we do the work.

Maybe we got involved in a behavior we aren’t proud of

Maybe we gained weight or allowed ourselves to fall out of shape

Maybe a relationship ended, and we are picking up the pieces

Maybe we are super new to the area and finding friends as an adult can be overwhelmingly frightening

Power BAR is the PLACE to come when you need to feel supported because we offer relatable coaches, who are patient and can meet you where you are – even if you are brand new to pole.

Our student community is amazing as well! There is support not competition. No Judgement, just love and cheering you on.

Come see for yourself – you will not regret it! JOIN TODAY


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