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9 Ways Pole Fitness Helps You Lose Weight

Anyone trying to lose weight knows that it’s a lengthy process with highs and lows. If we don’t see results quick enough, our motivation might dip along with the commitment to exercise regularly. Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry – pole fitness can change all that. Keep reading to learn how pole dancing helps you lose weight and reach your fitness goals sooner.

What you can gain and lose with pole fitness

One of the main benefits of pole fitness is that it’s a full-body workout combining dance, acrobatics, cardio, and strength training exercises. That’s why it’s such an effective method for weight loss because you’ll build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Once you take a class, you’ll be hooked on pole dancing for fitness because your progress will be quickly noticeable, as you get stronger with each session. Also, you won’t feel like you’re exercising since you’ll be having so much fun learning pole tricks.

Here are nine ways pole fitness helps with weight loss:

Builds fat-burning muscles

Pole dancing engages all your muscles (arms, legs, back, core) to support your body as it suspends from the pole during various maneuvers, building up muscle strength and tone. Since muscle tissue is more active than fat tissue, you’ll burn more calories as you build muscle, even when the body is at rest.

Increases metabolism

As you become more active and exercise regularly, your metabolism increases. Cardio exercises, like pole dancing, raise your heart rate and metabolism – helping you burn calories.

Boosts motivation

Pole fitness helps you discover your natural strength and abilities by challenging your body in different ways. Developing new skills and mastering pole moves motivate you to keep going and try other techniques with confidence.

Burns calories

Pole dancing is a form of cardio exercise similar to aerobics that results in higher calorie burn. You can burn up to 500 calories in one training session, based on the intensity level.

Provides social support

The pole dance community is full of supportive peers who will reassure you through the good and bad times. Whenever you’re feeling discouraged, this group will lift you up and spread positivity to get you through a pole dance routine or class.

Reduces stress

Physical activity is good for the mind and body. Exercises, like pole dancing, release tension and endorphins, relieving stress and helping you feel calmer after a good dance session.

Improves sleep

Staying active with routine workouts helps the body release energy and relax. The physical demands of pole fitness will allow your body to unwind and sleep better at night.

Boosts mood

The empowerment and confidence you’ll feel after a pole dance class are a major bonus. Pole dancing is a fun and uplifting activity that enables you to feel good about yourself and your body.

Provides quicker progress

By targeting the main muscle groups in your upper and lower body simultaneously, pole dancing helps you build muscle and lose weight quicker.


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