Why Giving the Gift of Fitness is the Best Holiday Gift Choice in 2017

Statistics show that the weight loss industry totals annual revenues of $55,400,000,000 spent by consumers seeking to lose weight. Women in particularly seem to feel the most impact of how they feel about their bodies with 80% of women confessing that images in the media of other women make them feel insecure about their bodies. So it is easy to understand the story line here and safe to assume that the majority of people are not happy with what they see in the mirror each day. If you have read a book on success you will find one of the top character traits that makes people successful at work, in relationships, emotionally, and in all other areas of life is confidence. Confidence is the key in the first step of believing we have the capability to achieve the larger than life goals we set before ourselves, but if we abhor the face, the body, the lifestyle of the person who looks back at us in the mirror everyday – there is a disconnect.

So how do we fix this? Is the magic in a diet pill? Should we resort to eating only plant based diets until we croak over? Is there more we can do to love the person we are? The answer is YES! It starts with how you invest in yourself and it doesn’t take a billion dollars to do it. Work out daily. When the billionaire Virgin Group Mogul Richard Branson was asked how someone can become successful that was his answer. Work out. Why does fitness carry so much weight (no pun intended) on our daily success in life? Exercise increases blood flow which in turn enhances our creativity and thought process. We become innovative thinking machines and our attitude is enlightened. Have you ever tried to be mad while smiling? It doesn’t work. Just like being excited and happy shines the light over dim dark low self-esteem bouts and self-hate rants.

Fitness doesn’t stop there with all its benefits! Of course there is now calorie burning, muscle toning, water weight loss, improvement of joints, clearer skin due to the toxins being released outside of the body through sweat and the list…well…it can literally go on and on. Another added benefit is that fitness doesn’t resort to just running miles on end. There is a fitness plan for everyone to include dance fitness like Zumba or pole dancing, Cross fit and Pilates or Yoga, and so many new styles to getting and staying fit. So fitness is a gift that will always keep on giving as long as we use it. It’s a gift that accomplishes more than just masking the dissatisfaction the majority of the population has with themselves like a new m