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To be the best at what you do, no matter if it is motherhood, being a corporate professional, college student, wife, or she-preneaur you must realize the importance and strong correlation of time management and success. Power BAR Women's Fitness has complied 5 TOP TIPS to help you on your journey to having a successful week, year, and life. Enjoy these tips! TIP ONE “The most successful people spend 10 to 15 minutes each day after work thinking about the next day. “ Failing to plan is planning to fail. It also makes you more susceptible to being bombarded by life’s “emergencies” and feeling swooped away by nothingness which takes you further and further away from productivity. Have you ever

Who is Bella Thorne and Did She Set the Pole Dancing Fitness Industry Back with Her Racy Whipped Cre

Pole Dancing has been getting a horrible rep for so many years as many in the general public see it as only being a sexually explicit recreation. The pole dance community has surged ahead hard seeking for ways to clean up the raunchy reputation so that every day women can participate in pole dancing classes near them without fear of judgement. American Actress, Bella Thorne however has caused eyebrows to be raised once again with her racy whipped cream Pole Dancing video posted online rehashing the pole dancing stigma. With almost nothing left to the imagination this Instagram pole dance video shows off Bella flirtatiously posing next to her dubbed stripper pole with whipped cream. Many wome

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