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The Goal Orientated Woman

Why are goals so important and what if you really have no idea what you want to work towards?

Setting goals can be incredibly overwhelming if you take it all in one big gulp. Don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders by trying to set the rest of your life in stone in one sitting. That is unreasonable and very unrealistic because life is bound to happen to you and divert those plans. So you may ask, why even set a goal if I won’t be able to stick to it. It is about setting your course of general direction and being inspired. The best advice in how to set goals is to think about what you are most passionate about. What are your deepest desires and if you could be, do, or have anything at this moment what would it be? Only think about the final version of what a perfect life would be, don’t stress about all of the things it takes to have that. Goals are the bigger picture and are the yearning of your soul that tells you internally – I am bigger than my current self-right now.

A goal should be inspiring, motivating, and feel like your life’s purpose. It also may not even be the final product of what you want out of life, but maybe a supporting factor. For example, you may want to be the President of the United States, but before you can become that you will need to be known in your local community and achieve a local level of recognition. You also may want to have a six pack for a stomach, but at the moment you eat at every fast food restaurant you pass by. Your underlying goal will be to limit the amount of times you eat out, little by little achieving the actions that are required to meet your main goal.

The reason goal setting is so important is because it guides your decisions in how you live life. Every decision is a penny in our life bank or a penny removed from our life bank. We wake up every day either working for the greater good of ourselves or against it.

So I inspire you to spend quite time alone today for at least 30 minutes and think about what lights your fire in life and what would give you the most fulfillment if you had it. Then write down all the supporting factors that you know in your current level of understanding that the main goal will require. Draw a map of the closest and most achievable items to you in your current state and bit by bit commit to driving in the direction of your ultimate purpose.

A few things to remember don’t get discouraged if alternative routes present themselves in the process, just keep moving and you will end up where you are designed to be. Stay Powerful!

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