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How to Maintain Your New Year's Fitness Goals

All too often, we make the common new year’s resolution to get in shape, only to fall short of our commitment within a few weeks. Many people struggle to keep up with their new year’s fitness goals, but you don’t have to! That’s why Power Bar Women’s Fitness is here to assist you in maintaining those goals and prioritizing self-care. By adjusting your mindset and approach, you can succeed in achieving fitness goals. Put yourself first – remember, health is your wealth! So, get ready to raise the bar and overcome those fitness roadblocks.

Set yourself up for success

You should start with a measurable goal that is easy to follow through on. Make it something simple like working out three times per week, or losing 10 pounds in three months. Most fitness resolutions are vague, lacking a clear plan that you can stick to, such as a workout schedule. Just as consuming empty calories is bad for diets, empty plans are bad for fitness goals. Having a clear plan in place is setting yourself up for success to reach your fitness goals. There are small things you can do that will add up to big results. If you’re struggling to stay on track with your fitness commitment, try the following:

Create a workout schedule

Once you have a basic plan in place, it’s time to flesh it out with actionable steps. Follow a routine schedule by exercising on the same days each week, so that it doesn’t conflict with other obligations (e.g., work or school). Try fitness classes like yoga or pole dance (you won’t skip something you paid for), walking with a workout buddy, or exercising at home to start the day off right. Pick whatever exercise you prefer to do and follow through. Keeping a routine fitness schedule at a time that regularly works for you means there are no excuses for not following through. Plus, these approaches will help you hold yourself accountable.

Develop healthier habits

A little effort goes a long way here – you’ll be surprised how simple it is to reverse common daily habits that can help you achieve bigger milestones over time. Focus on getting more steps in every day, drinking more water, eating/planning healthy meals, and don’t eat out. Your wallet will expand as your waistline begins to shrink. Try parking farther away at the grocery store, opt for the stairs instead of ramps/elevators, plan a low-carb vegetarian meal night twice per week, and prepare or keep healthy snacks on hand to promote better eating habits each day.

Track your progress

Don’t expect results overnight – it’s essential to be realistic and keep moving forward. Monitor your progress monthly and change up your exercise routine to challenge yourself. Remind yourself why you set fitness goals in the first place. Be patient and reward yourself for small wins – going to fitness classes every week is an achievement! Practicing these habits will motivate you to keep working towards your goals and result in success.

Most importantly, don’t give up! Remember that you’re worth it – every bit of health and fitness will enrich your life, so you can feel good about yourself.


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