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Take a moment and daydream about what an upgrade to your current life would look like.

A better high paying job? A love romance that turns into a happy marriage? Traveling the world? Being famous? Endless shopping sprees?

Sounds magical doesn’t it!

What if we told you that it isn’t magic, but a formula? That you, yes YOU could have the things you want if you follow the right process to get it.

Upgrading your life is not just for the one’s who strike it lucky or already have the wealth in hand to do so. It is a process that requires a key ingredient.

There is one key ingredient that all high performing, wealthy, and influential people have above the rest which allows them the luxury of upgrading their lives.

This single word is essential to upgrading one’s life and success will not happen without it. Just a little can go a long way and once you have it you can continue to grow it to garner more success in your life.

Upgrading your life is a direct result from success… and success is a direct result from this…



Many undervalue the biproduct of confidence and attribute financial success, influence, and high performers as just natural selection and downright lucky people. This is so far from the truth.

Upgrading your life in any capacity starts with how you feel about yourself.

When you love yourself in a healthy way and you believe that you can do it, even if you don’t know how now, then you have already won more than half the battle.

The mental blocks a lack of self confidence creates stops us in our tracks from even trying. We do not believe we are good enough for the things we long for and we play the game of being a perfectionist rather than acting in our imperfection.



Self-confidence is so important because it gives us the courage to go at things imperfect and alone if we must. We believe that we are no different than those who went before us and already have what we want and that we ultimately will find the way if we just go towards it.

A self-confident person doesn’t buy into the notion there are dumb questions or stop to get entangled with the “What will people say” snares – they are too busy hanging on to the belief that they can and they will.

A self-confident person will out beat a person with talent who lives in self-doubt any day. The reason is because they do the work, prepared or not. Confidence gives you the superpowers of failing forward and embracing you are human. Confidence gives you the permission to makes mistakes and to be human.

It is this passionate belief in oneself that gives the gas to creating a future of promise. Not the fact that they have it all planned out, or they have adequate money to fund their dreams, but because they believe in their own self-adequacy.

The power of confidence is life changing.

It creates a better life for you and those around you. It inspires others who watch you and it breaks chains of mundane life as you know it.

Self Confidence is the seed to upgrading your life and we are here to help you water it!

Visit Power BAR Women’s Fitness today to take steps in becoming stronger in self-belief.

“Baby let me upgrade ya”



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