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6 Reasons You Should Consider Pole Dancing for Your Next Workout

Pole dancing is a performing art generally associated with strip clubs and night clubs. While the art form is certainly sexy, it is also incredibly good for your body. Pole dancing for fitness might not occur to you at first, but there are plenty of health benefits to the dance, whether you expect them or not. You will become more flexible. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't a prerequisite to be limber and flexible before you get on the pole. Pole fitness targets nearly every muscle in your body, forcing you to actively engage them. When you do this more consistently, you will become less stiff and prone to sprains. With practice, your muscles will be able to stretch further and further.

A Maid of Honor's Guide to Planning the Best Bachelorette Party

When your best friend is getting married and you're planning the bachelorette party, you want it to be unique and memorable. There are a bunch of outdated and overdone bachelorette party ideas, so you want this one to stand out from the rest and be a total surprise for the bride to be. Kitschy games and trips to the club aren't your only options for party planning. Consider one of these modern bachelorette party ideas to really blow the wedding party away. Go Glamping For a bride with a sense of adventure, book a luxury camping trip. Many "glampsites" have spas, bars, gourmet food, and other activities to keep you all pampered while enjoying the great outdoors. Don't think that you have

California Woman Continues Pole Dancing Classes Into Her Eighth Month of Pregnancy

When it comes to prenatal exercise routines, many women will take up more traditional fitness classes like yoga or pilates, but one pregnant woman hero in California did something more unconventional. Zsuzsi Hussla started pole dancing for fitness long before she became pregnant, but she continued to listen to her body and pursue what she loved. Hussla continued fitness pole dancing classes up until she was eight months pregnant with her little baby Athena. “I think it made it easier to keep my energy levels good," said Hussla to the Sacramento Bee. "I wasn’t as tired during my pregnancy.” About 33.4% of women over age 20 struggle with hypertension, which becomes more common and proble

The Truth about Pole Dance Shaming

Ashamed to try a pole dancing class? No need to worry. Pole dance is an excellent form of fitness and confidence builder. Your local pole da

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