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Trying Pole Fitness as a Beginner - Dallas Tx

Written By - Teresa S. As a 9 year participant of Pole Dancing it is amazing when I tell people that I take Pole Classes. The responses are always so entertaining! Almost immediately faces light up either in excitement as if they can see themselves poling mid conversation or depending on who I'm telling smirks as if they can see me pole dancing - lol. The industry of pole has evolved into more mainstream and fitness focused verses only being sexualized.  The sensual side still exists as it should because women need that feeling of beauty to thrive. No woman should be void of her feelings of attractiveness and that is what pole will ultimately provide. At first it can be a struggle to learn t

Dallas, Tx -Pole Dancing is Not Up for Debate!

Is Pole Dancing Really Fitness? There has been so much debate from fitness professionals as to whether or not Pole Dancing can be a viable fitness regimen. The question isn't is Pole Dancing Really Fitness, the question should be, Why wouldn't it be? Physically lifting your own body weight, staying in constant motion while dancing, extending your muscles with extraordinary stretching techniques, and holding difficult poses to build muscle endurance are just a few physical components of a Pole Dance Workout. It isn't easy, but it works. It also may not be for everyone as certain physical conditions may be aggervated by the techniques like Carpal Tunnel. Pole Dancing is an absolute method t

The Goal Orientated Woman

Why are goals so important and what if you really have no idea what you want to work towards? Setting goals can be incredibly overwhelming if you take it all in one big gulp. Don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders by trying to set the rest of your life in stone in one sitting. That is unreasonable and very unrealistic because life is bound to happen to you and divert those plans. So you may ask, why even set a goal if I won’t be able to stick to it. It is about setting your course of general direction and being inspired. The best advice in how to set goals is to think about what you are most passionate about. What are your deepest desires and if you could be, do, or have anyth

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