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What Does Confidence Actually Mean?

Your Local Dance Studio's Advice on Renewed Confidence - So Googling the word Confidence and this is the definition you will find...the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; or having firm trust. The Latin word means to have full trust. So to say that you are in need of more confidence depicts that there is something about yourself that you may not quit trust. Well if this is the case this leads to even more of a scenario which is to trust is to know. When we trust in someone of something it is because we know what to expect and what that something or someone is capable of. so the resolve to a lack of confidence? Take more steps to become aware of who you are. This al

Hello, Nice to Meet You.

POWER BAR WOMEN'S FITNESS· FOUNDED 2016 Power BAR Women’s Fitness of Dallas and Fort Worth, Tx has found through our combined 20 years of instructor experience that most people underestimate pole dancing. Either they believe this form of dance is too difficult to ever master or that it is just grinding against the chrome bar. Both accusations are simply false. There is a strategic technique involved in learning how to pole dance. The pole dance student will utilize every component of their body to include mental confidence in an effort to progress in this fitness genre. Pole dancing can be sought after for different causes such as muscle strength and toning, self-expression, confidence, or w

Dance Studio Fitness and how it can Change Your Life!

Dancing is the ultimate aerobic exercise that was created with one main goal and that is, of feeling good working out. Moving your feet, swaying your hips, pumping your arms, and feeling the bass is one of the surest ways to feel completely free as you listen to music that speaks to your soul. Realizing that this constant motion in a feel good state is actually adding years onto your life and value to your immune system is even more of a reason to keep moving. Dance studios around the world embody their mission to bring people together in a social atmosphere where there is no judgement and they are connected through a speaker and fun energetic vibes. Dance studios are where no one squawks at

The Wednesday Fitness Wind Down

Awww, The middle of the week and the weekend is peering into our vision like light into a new born's eyes. Our inhibitions begin to unravel and our mind starts ticking up the relaxation ladder. The countdown begins for most to do...NOTHING. This theory can possibly be proven by simply peering into your local gyms parking lot or having a gander at the empty treadmills that were overly occupied on Monday morning. Society has prepped us to get over the "hump-day", finish the race, make it to the weekend where you will be rewarded with Happy Hour $1 Drinks and greasy bar food as a prize for getting to the end of the week. Survival of the fittest? Certainly not in this case! Actually... most peop

Shopping for a New Style of Fitness in Dallas?

Boredom is the fastest way to abort a workout plan. Fitness, which is a daily part of life, or at least should be, shouldn't come off feeling like a chore. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit and most can certainly agree that if they were up for an award for the Body of the Year - they would at least want to place in the top 3! So why is it so hard to motivate yourself to work out? To do the things that will lead to a healthy lifestyle and commit to being a better you? At the end of the day fitness is work! It is the tearing down of our old selves, internally and externally to create something better. It is a constant discipline to develop something better with every choice we make - food,

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