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How to Get the Results You Want From Your Pole Class

Dallas, Tx Staff The question is often asked, "Will pole dancing help me lose weight?" and the answer is always yes...but at a price. Because pole dancing is a lot of fun and is done in an interactive social group setting to today's most popular music there are close similarities to nightlife and relaxation. Most do not associate a strict development plan in learning how to pole dance, but oh there certainly is one... Learning how to pole dance for fitness must be a constructive process in order to see results. As in anything else the key to results is commitment and consistency. Just because pole dancing is fun, doesn't lessen the responsibility of self discipline to stick to a fitness sche

10 Things You Will Not Find in Our Pole Dance Studio

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas They Say You Can Talk About Anything – Except Pole Dancing. In 2018 it seems that almost anything goes and is widely accepted – ample curse words allowed on mainstream radio stations, edgy intimate scenes in commercials, a reality star for a President… so then why are so many women interested in taking pole dance lessons afraid to tell their family and friends? As a growing Pole Dance Company we have heard so many stories of our clients who are secretive about their love for a unique form of fitness and who hide their weeknight gym visits like they were frequenting the Red Light District instead of one of our studios. These women hide their association with Pole

Dating with Power: Is Your Low Self Esteem attracting Bad Relationships?

Indecisive mental fog of how you see yourself can be critically blinding in the way you live your life. Critical in the sense of leaving you vulnerable for the worst of the worst to hunt you out as their prey and manipulate you into their selfish ambitions before you even realize you were fair game. This happens all the time and unfortunately many people both men and women have countless stories of bad relationships, some worse than others and some unfortunately that no longer live to tell their story as their vulnerability lead to a tragic end. As with everything else in life there is a root cause, a foundational behavior that drives our actions and decisions, poor habits, and less than su

Is Pole Dancing the Antidote for Heart Break?

Power BAR Women's Fitness- Dallas, Texas Relationship problems? Everyone has them at some point and they can be debilitating. Often times we have to fight for the desire to be around positive situations simply because our hearts are so heavy, so working out could be the last thing on your mind. But... it should be the thing you run to. It has been scientifically proven exercise increases the endorphins that make us feel good. If you add that in with a positive and encouraging environment you heal that much faster. When ending a relationship, whether it was bad or good there can be a lot of self doubts. Things like what if I wouldn't have, or I should have, and these mental hauntings can

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