7 Things You Need to Know About Starting Pole Dancing

Trying something new always begins with a thought. We observe others who are doing what we desire to do, we wonder how well we would do in their shoes, and then we either talk ourselves out of it or make it a GO.

Pole Dancing is probably one of the activities many women seem to talk themselves out of doing. What you should realize is that just with anything else you want to try your hand at, a nice new local restaurant, a spa experience with some friends, or a downtown festival you found near you to take part of - you will do preliminary research.

What are the prices? What should I wear? What does the crowd look like? Is it beginner friendly? and all of the other curiosities you may have about the new experience at hand.

Trying a Pole Dance Class is no different. By doing preliminary research on what you can expect from your first pole dancing class can do wonders with your confidence to push forward and make that thought a reality. In our article, Power BAR Women's Fitness will reveal 7 things you need to know about starting pole dancing so you feel confident about your decision to be one with the dance pole.

Forge ahead with an open mind and a notepad so you can get helpful tips on how to be successful and what to expect.

FACT ONE - Pole Dance Coaches do not expect you to already know how to pole. Many women are extremely shy about being a beginner pole dancing student and will avoid trying a pole dance class altogether because they forget that you have to start somewhere. Let go of the fact that you need to know about pole to start and show up ready to learn. The greatest was also the least at some point. It is okay to be vulnerable so you can grow.

FACT TWO - There will be good days and then there will be bad days. Make the best of either situation you are faced with. Learning how to pole dance is a lengthy process that requires patience with oneself. Every day is going to be different in your training and you have to be okay with that. You may show up for pole class one day and you find your skin is extra sensitive, or your grip is slipping more than normal, or you are the only one in the class who can't seem to make sense of the direction of the pole trick. All of this is absolutely okay! the good days in pole dance class will far surpass the days you feel like you are defeated. Remember th