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5 Reasons You Should Be Signing Up for Pole Dancing Classes as a New Year’s Resolution

If you haven’t already created your list for things to change in 2019, you are running out of time. Today is the last and final day of 2018 and what a year this has been! So many things buzzing around us from the latest fashions, to the controversial presidency and scandals of the White House, to the major women empowerment movements, and latest technology gadgets but one thing will remain the same – basic needs of life each and every year. Some of the top items returning to the list year after year resemble those needs, such as financial increase and health and wellness. Primarily these seem to be the biggest struggle for many of us as we fight to maintain a healthy work life balance. Healt

Wanted at First, then made to be LAST

Who Can Guess What the TOP New Year's Resolution is? According to www.lifehack.org out of 50 different resolutions the TOP New Year's Resolution is people wanting to get into shape. PEOPLE WANT TO BE HEALTHY! And it makes sense to be the FIRST RESOLUTION because without health, most of all the other plans we have will not prosper. Unfortunately getting in shape is the FIRST RESOLUTION, but the LAST activity to accomplish on our to do list. Do we think it is selfish to spend time at a gym or steal away for DVD Cardio Time? Do we think it vain to focus on calorie counting and waistline? Do we count it as a waste of money to pay monthly on a gym membership? Are we just not disciplined enough to

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