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If You Are Experiencing These Symptoms You May Be TOO Stressed!

Google the word Stress and you will find a laundry list of causes and reasons as to why so many Americans are stressed. In Fact, says 75% - 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.


So by this statistic alone, the research is showing that a lot of illnesses and diseases may actually be a reflection of too much stress in our lives. Financial stress, relationship stress, emotional stress, physical stress, on the job stress, raising children stress, and the list continues…

But how do you know when you are at your breaking point?

When should you really take a step back from life’s normal stressors and take the steps needed for stress management?

Power BAR Women’s Fitness has done some research to help you better understand when enough is enough.

Check out these symptoms to see if you have been experiencing any of these regularly and compare to your daily life and current stressors and start taking action TODAY to alleviate stress!

  • Anxious feelings because you feel overwhelmed and out of control

  • Have trouble being able to relax and calm your racing mind

  • Self-sabotaging thoughts as if you are worthless, depressed, all alone

  • Your constant outbursts because of extreme levels of frustration and annoyance over small things

  • Seemingly trying to avoid other people who you know may care and love you and will see a change in how you are

  • Having low levels of energy and a lot of exhaustion

  • Headaches

  • Inability to sleep, very restless

  • Stomach issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and nausea

  • Loss of sexual desire

  • Negative mindset and being pessimistic about almost everything

  • Disorganized, forgetful, and inability to focus

  • Constant worrying where there is no escape from the internal fears

This is a long list, and not even all is included on it. How many of these symptoms could you relate to?

Now taking into consideration your levels of current stress and then the symptoms that you are experiencing, ask yourself how often do you work out?

How many times in a full 7 day week do you steal away to take a measly 30 minutes to an hour of mental and physical recovery time in a social environment?

According to the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) it has been reported that only 23% of Americans get enough exercise.

This is killing us slowly and for what?

We seem to wait until it is too late and pharmaceuticals take over our freedom and control our lives because we have fallen so ill due to stress accompanied by inactivity.

We let our lives run us in circles, taking on too many projects we should actually decline, doing things that don’t make us happy, overspending money on things that cost us our time freedom just to repay, and then we are too spent for anytime for ourselves.

Exercise is the perfect way to help increase positive mood levels, feelings of confidence, focus, more energy, social growth, and a healthy body. Just 30 minutes a day or at minimum 3 times a week is enough to help keep stress levels under control.


The reason a lot of people avoid exercise is because they want to wait until they are happy and in a good mood to go to the gym.

Some also dread working out because it is a bore and seems like a chore.

To stay committed to reducing stress and working out you have to do what you love. Working out is not about being a checklist item on your day necessarily, but about being a part of who you are. Working out should meet you at the point of need not only physically, but socially and mentally.

There are so many workouts out now that you can have actual FUN doing. Pole Dancing is one of those!

Pole Dancing Classes Relieve Stress and meet the weekly need of cardio for heart health and strength training exercises we all need to maintain proper muscle functioning. Pole Dancing is a social type of fitness that often involves letting your guard down and being body positive around other students who are after achieving the same goals as you.

You will meet a lot of new faces that are excited to try something new!

Pole Dancing gives a freedom most exercises don’t.

You can be expressive, so whether or not it was a rough day at the office and you want to beast it out, or you have just fallen hopelessly in love and want to spin until your heart is content you can do that!

Pole Dancing Classes assist in KEY AREAS of a well-rounded fitness program such as:

  • Strength training

  • Cardio endurance training

  • Flexibility training

  • Grip strength training

  • Coordination and balance training

  • Confidence boosting!

Whether a class is 30 minutes or an hour, by using your own body weight and moving nonstop to your favorite music you will certainly leave energized, challenged, and happy.

What more could you ask for in a Fitness Program?

Skip the boring gym mats; dreaded dumbbells, and sleep inducing yoga classes and try something that will get you feeling like you can overcome any stressful thing in your life because you just defeated the Pole with climbing, flipping, spinning, and twirling your own body weight around the metal bar…and you defeated it gracefully!

Try a Pole Fitness Class to experience the stress relieving benefits and the addiction to a work out you thought you’d never fall victim to.

Signing up for the 90 Day BAR Fitness Program is how to get started!


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