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Fire Your Gym Today!

Tell Your Gym "You're Fired!" . Working out is not the same anymore. People are now taking back their happiness in every single way and this includes the way we workout. . Fitness is fun, getting healthy is fun, meeting new like minded people is fun, and so is Pole Dancing! . Discover the best total body fitness platform all under one roof - Power BAR Women's Fitness has a variety of classes to choose from as you get started. . Be Sure to ask about our 90 Day Pole Fitness Program to take your exercise benefits to another level! . www.powerbarfit.com .

Pole Dancing Classes for Beginners - Learn How to Pole 

Who Wants to Learn Pole Dancing? 🙋🏾‍♀️ . Did you know Power BAR Women's Fitness specializes in teaching beginner Pole Dance Fitness Students how to learn pole? . We mean: - The no upper body strength - The uncoordinated - The self conscious - The shy - The "I weight too much" - The "I will make a fool of myself" - The gym rats - The "I'm too old" - (Insert Your Excuse Here) . YES. WE TRAIN YOU!! We don't want your experience. We are going to give you ours. Over 20 plus years of combined experience on a proven system that is gauranteed to create successful pole fitness students. . We just need you to report to the BAR and we will do the rest. Classes every single week! Visit our class sch

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