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10 Things You Will Not Find in Our Pole Dance Studio

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

They Say You Can Talk About Anything – Except Pole Dancing.

In 2018 it seems that almost anything goes and is widely accepted – ample curse words allowed on mainstream radio stations, edgy intimate scenes in commercials, a reality star for a President… so then why are so many women interested in taking pole dance lessons afraid to tell their family and friends?

As a growing Pole Dance Company we have heard so many stories of our clients who are secretive about their love for a unique form of fitness and who hide their weeknight gym visits like they were frequenting the Red Light District instead of one of our studios. These women hide their association with Pole Dancing because they are intimidated of being reprimanded by their jobs, parents, friends, church leaders, and even sometimes their spouses. Sometimes the public opinion can be one of flat out mockery and jokes about Pole Dance. These women are dealing with the fear of being misunderstood, laughed at rejected, and stereotyped. It is such an ugly quiet battle that pains the culture of women who love to take pole dancing classes. No one should have to feel ostracized for how they choose to get in shape.

If you are one of those people who have ever criticized a Pole Dance Student (or a prospective Pole Dancing Student), while we cannot speak for every Pole Dance Studio - here are a few things you should know about our classes at Power BAR Women’s Fitness:

  1. No one in our Pole Dance Class is naked at any time. Our students mainly wear attire such as tank tops, above the knee shorts, socks for their feet, and tennis shoes. The reason for dressing down into a sports bra or shorter shorts will be one of safety so that the student’s skin can grip the pole for more advanced tricks – however this comes later in their training.

  2. No one is “stripping” which means to remove articles of clothing often for the pleasure of others or for monetary gain. We DO teach sexy, however from a place of a private and intimate relationship fulfillment. We do NOT teach women how to undress with the intent to be paid. Our pole fitness classes and its supporting dance classes do not encourage women to make themselves objects and incite that they will be financially rewarded for doing so.

  3. Our Clients are not uneducated and desperate. The average career for our pole dance students’ are graded professional on Career sites and typically require a College Degree to be in their fields. Some examples of our students’ careers are: educators, administrative assistants, financial services, veterans, and corporate level management. Since the law of success states that we are the average of the 5 closest people we are around, women in our studios make the perfect network opportunities for those seeking a higher grade lifestyle.

  4. There are no lustful spectators watching the classes for entertainment. Everyone in our classes play full out and have goals they are working towards – such as higher confidence, lower BMI, increased flexibility, and more. Absolutely no one is allowed in our studios to spectate only.

  5. Heels ARE actually a part of our workout that teach women balance and coordination and often serve as weights for our feet in our MOST Popular class “Floor n’ Core”. It has been proven that women are deemed more powerful when in heels compared to those who are in flats. We teach our women to be in control of themselves and their choices and dressing the part is often a requirement in that process.

  6. Most women come into the studio for more confidence not because they already believe they are hot stuff and are going to make millions once they learn a few pole tricks. The misconception is that Pole Studios are filled with overtly sexual women who love to spread themselves because they are so confident about their sexuality. WRONG! So many of our students – over 70% surveyed that they have chosen to Pole Dance for a higher level of confidence. We build women up in a positive self-empowering light through our Chalkboard Affirmations and Self- Development Free in studio libraries.

  7. We do not train or teach young girls to be strippers or exotic dancers. The average pole dance students’ age in our studio is 34, with an increasing number of we do have senior women aged 55+ joining our programs. All of the younger women who join our programs will be advised in self-respect, fun, and positive mentor-ship.

  8. We are more than pole dancers as we focus on giving back. We use our community to touch other women outside the studios by raising awareness in Women’s issues such as Domestic Violence, homelessness, physical health, and the development of healthy relationships. We even expand beyond to animal rights and children’s sports teams.

  9. We are not a pole dance studio for one race only. We have a plethora of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds within our studios from African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and beyond. You will find a mixture of those we serve which broadens our understanding of each other as humans and total life fulfillment.

  10. We do not discredit women who are full figured. It is often sad when our studio receives calls from women who consider themselves to be full figured and doubt that what we do is achievable to them. Plus Size pole dancing is a thing, and it is a welcomed thing in our community. Anyone who desires to lead a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle should never be discouraged to start programming that will help them obtain that. We support you in your achievements.

This blog post is not meant to change the minds of the negative naysayers hoping that they will grant permission for the hundreds of thousands of interested women, but a post to give women a positive light on what really does take place in our Pole Dance Community. Power BAR Women’s Fitness is a sisterhood that truly embraces all ages, backgrounds, races, and sizes. We are your Pole Dance Studio version of Planet Fitness – The No Judgement Zone. We are bold, positive, kind, and charitable, Faith filled; goal orientated, smart, beautiful, and constantly improving. Our choices to participate in Pole Dancing are our own and not dictated by the uneducated and biased opinions of outsiders who don’t give change a chance. We support you in your freedom of fitness and encourage you to be nothing less than Powerful. Our anthem is that you continue to Raise Your BAR.

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