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Why You Should Be a Part of Power BAR Fitness

If you are looking for a Pole Dance Fitness studio that is invested in your development then Power BAR Women’s Fitness of Dallas, Texas is for you. Our Pole Coaching staff is dedicated to helping you learn how to pole dance, become a pole dance instructor, throw an unforgettable bachelorette or birthday pole party, start a pole brand, and to feel a strong sense of belonging in our pole community.


Where You and Opportunity Meet

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Drop In Pole Classes

Open BAR Practice

Private Pole Lessons

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Bachelorette, Girls Night Out, Birthdays, and more! Let's make it a party.

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The Polepreneur

Pole Instructor Certification

Pole Party Host Bootcamp

Pole Studio Ownership Training

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Buy your essential pole dance supplies here! Pole Grip, Dance Poles, and more.

A message from the Founder | Teresa Saffold


I am Teresa and I go by Coach Tee. Thank you for stopping by to learn more about my companies. I want you to know these brands were inspired by a lot of the same things that you have gone through. Out of the depths of wondering if I was good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough…. I created a place where women just like you and I could come and see for ourselves that WE ARE. Pole Dancing has changed my life. It gave me confidence, a sense of belonging, a lifelong career, and large audacious goals that always keep me excited. If you are on the fence about beginning pole dancing, throwing an event, or starting your own brand – I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t be. Don’t doubt what you are capable of. Don’t worry about how it will all play out – don’t try to be perfect before getting started - Join us today and take the first step. It will lead to so many other open doors.