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Why is Confidence So Important for Women?

Confidence is incredibly important for all, but imperative for women as confidence sets the bar for how we will allow ourselves to be treated. Confidence allows us to see the great in ourselves and be okay with the things we are working on even when those things come under the scrutiny of others. Confidence is the barrier against being lost in mental confusion of who we are and the purpose we serve. You are not easily broken or led various paths in life. You can stand alone or in a crowd. Confidence becomes peace even in uncertainty and allows us to set a higher standard for ourselves. Recently in the news you may remember seeing a story of Cherica Adams, who was the girlfriend of Rae Carrut

“I Want To Learn How To Pole Dance, But I Am Scared”

HOW TO OVERCOME THE FEAR. Whether you desire to pole dance for fun or for fitness there can be a lot of thought that goes into you actually turning that want into an active search for pole dancing classes near you. Pole dancing has emerged from what it has always been known as - exotic dancing, to now a recreation type of fitness that an everyday woman who works at a corporate job can do after work. To take a pole dance class as a beginner you may have a lot of questions and reservations. Some may stem from understanding the type of clothing to wear to your first pole class, to if you will be successful at the tricks, or sometimes how your friends or family may feel when you tell them you w

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