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Preparing your Body for 2022: Getting a Head Start on New Year’s Resolutions

The end of the year is often a period of reflection that inspires the creation of a daunting New Year’s resolutions list. Physical fitness generally tops this infamous list for most people, following the indulgent holiday season. The motivation to develop healthier habits often rises and falls among individuals shortly after January 1st, resulting in a repetitive cycle year after year.

What if you get a head start on your 2022 resolutions and try something different this time around? Rather than feel intimidated, or wait until the last minute, you could increase your chance of success in reaching fitness goals before the new year and reinforce your commitment to those resolutions!

By preparing your body for the coming year now, you’ll have a solid routine in place by the time 2022 arrives, instead of scrambling to make several new changes at once (which usually results in failure). Here are four ways to prepare your body and get a head start on those new year’s resolutions:

Eat healthy

It’s best not to overindulge by giving into temptation, or stress eating at this time of year when there are many holiday gatherings with lots of sugary foods and drinks. Overindulging will only set you back and hinder your ability to attain fitness goals. Give your body the gift of health this holiday season and continue to practice healthy eating habits throughout the holidays. Allow yourself to have one cheat day each week to maintain self-discipline and avoid feelings of deprivation, so you can enjoy some holiday treats or meals.

Make a plan

Determine which goal or habit is most important for you to accomplish in the new year and then focus on planning how you’ll do it. Be honest with yourself about the timeline for what you want to achieve to ensure that you’ll stick with it. Making small changes and setting mini-goals – for instance, walking 2-3 days per week, going to the gym every week, getting enough rest, etc. – will help you reach bigger goals over time. The main objectives are to make progress, boost motivation, and build momentum that will last in 2022.

Set realistic and specific goals

Create a realistic plan with reasonable goals and start training and making healthier choices now. It will be much easier to continue following an established routine on January 1st rather than starting a new one. Whatever your goals are – tone muscles, drop ten pounds by spring, build strength, participate in a summer marathon – they should be measurable while allowing you to track your progress and celebrate milestones. It’s also a great time to explore your interests and try out various fitness classes or routines, such as pole dancing, yoga, cross-fit, Pilates, etc., to find one that suits your needs to ensure that you’ll commit to it.

Hold yourself accountable

When you discover an exercise routine that you enjoy, then you can sign up for a series/gym membership. It’s important to be consistent and take on workout routines that interest and challenge you at the same time. Attending group fitness classes or working out with a friend will help you in holding yourself accountable since it’s not an individual fitness session.

So, go ahead and beat the new year’s resolution crowd to the deadline and see what a difference it will make in helping you stick to your goals.

Getting a head start with these habits will transform simple new year’s resolutions into positive personal goals to prepare your body for 2022! If you’re looking for ways to change up your fitness routine, then check out our NEW STUDENT SPECIAL to get a full-body workout (available for a limited time)!


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