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How to Embrace Body Positivity and Love What You See in the Mirror

Many of us struggle with our own reflection in the mirror every day, but how often do we stop to ask ourselves if we’re being honest about what we see? With so many visual depictions and opinions about beauty and the perfect body out there, it’s easy to be overly critical about your self-image and dislike what you think you see in the mirror. However, your reflection is not always the same as what others see (for instance, your exaggeration of minor imperfections). We’re going to share some ideas to help you embrace body positivity and love what you see in the mirror.

Tips to Increase Body Positivity

Most people wouldn’t dare speak to others the way that they talk to themselves. The familiar saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” rings true when it comes to body image. You can’t put yourself down and expect a positive outcome in any situation. Self-image evolves throughout one’s lifespan. More importantly, there isn’t a single definition for beauty, as it commonly varies among different individuals.

So, drop the negative self-talk and start developing a healthy self-image with these tips:

Learn to love yourself

Self-love and care are key to body positivity. Reject the negative thoughts and inner critic forcing you to think the worst of yourself and body image. It’s important for us to be kind to ourselves and bodies, on a daily basis. When you catch yourself criticizing your reflection or searching for flaws, change course and focus on one of your features that you do like, and then try to emphasize it.

Express gratitude

When you express gratitude for your body and its capabilities, as it is, you’ll begin forming positive thoughts about self-image and ultimately, acceptance. Initially, it will take time and practice to develop a healthier mindset, but it’s worth it because you deserve to reap the rewards of gratitude, so you can enjoy life and your body to the fullest. This mindset can enhance self-love and propel individuals to reach their goals.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Nobody’s perfect, so instead of comparing yourself to others, practice acceptance. Forget about all of the naysayers and recognize that your body is truly amazing, just the way it is. Accept the things that make your body different and unique – in addition to what it allows you to accomplish each day – and that it deserves nurturing and appreciation, as a result.

Nurture your body

Part of body positivity is appreciating and caring for your body. You can improve your self-image and overall confidence while caring for your body by: meditating, trying new fitness routines (like pole dancing), buying new outfits, or even trying a new hairstyle. Practicing self-love and taking care of your body will improve physical and mental health.

You’ll notice a difference in how you feel and start loving what you see in the mirror with these tips. Finally, if you want to change anything about your body – don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s best to work on things that you can control.


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