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Pole Dance Studio Explains 3 TOP Reasons Relaxation Reduces Stress - Women's Insider Edition

3 TOP Ways Taking Time to Relax Can Help You Reduce Stress. Power BAR Women's Pole Dance Fitness Studio of DFW shares with our readers the 3 top benefits of relaxation so that you may become a more powerful mom, spouse, daughter, employee, boss or whatever hat you must wear for the day. Enjoy these tips and most importantly be sure to follow them. You can catch more information on additional classes that will help with stress reduction on our pole dance class schedule at Raising the BAR!

1) Clears the Brain - Extended stress in your thought muscles lead to poor and erratic decisions, bad thought patterns, and opens you up to vulnerability by not being focused and engaged.

2) Prevents Wrecks - Emotional wrecks that is. When you are stable with your stress levels you feel more in control of your life and are less likely to experience an emotional breakdown and you can cope with hard and uncertain times much better, bouncing back into emotional stability.

3)Sharpens the Blade - There is a story of two men attempting to cut down a tree with a saw. One man decides he will stop hacking away at the tree and go sharpen the blade, as the other determined he didn't have time to stop. Who cut down the tree quicker? The man who stopped to sharpen his saw. Relaxation is sharpening the blade. Taking a step back to regather yourself allows for all your efforts to be more effective and increase

Women Reduce Stress for more effectiveness and enhanced wellness. Pole Dancing can reduce physical and mental stress. Learn more from Power BAR Women's Fitness Pole Dance Studios and find a pole dancing class in Dallas Fort Worth and Forney Texas

Join our Pole Dancing Class for stress reducing benefits today!

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