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Increase Your Pole Dancing Skills Online with PBWF

Pole Fitness Has Gone Viral

With the world changing due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Pole Fitness industry has shifted. This shift brought about many DIY Pole Dancers, more online pole tutorial resources, and many pole studios offering various lesson plans spread across in person class options and virtual sessions. PBWF offers various virtual resources for your Pole Dance journey from our fast growing YouTube Channel, Free Help on our Social Media pages, to our "My Pole Pal" Online Library powered by your pole peers.

Now you have access to learning how to Pole Dance 24/7

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Subscribe to our fast growing YouTube channel where you will not only have access to pole tutorials, you can learn mini pole dance techniques, you will also get tons of helpful advice on all areas of pole. 

Struggling with keeping a grip on the pole? Need to learn the secret to walking in high heels? Need advice on telling your spouse you pole dance? 

The PBWF Team is there to help you at no additional cost to you! 



Let's face it.

Sometimes you just need MOTIVATION.

A kind word, an on time phrase, something that resonates with what you are going through in that very moment. 

This can be a catalyst for your next level of greatness. 

Tune in to our Motivational Twitter account to receive Daily Inspirational messages you can use.


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Tik tok pole dance videos power bar fitness pole dallas.jpg


Looking for a Challenge?

We got just the thing!

Follow us on TIK TOK to duet videos and Pole Dance Routines with your favorite Pole Team.

WARNING: Fun Content Posted Regularly


From Reels to Videos to Memes, the PBWF Instagram page is the place to be! 

Join our online Pole Community for a daily engaging content and stay up to date with the latest news about our dance studios.

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