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December 2022 Pole Events

The Beginner Pole Dance in Dallas Experience.png

Do you want to experience pole dancing?

Have you already taken a Pole Dance class and want to do it again?

Power BAR Women's Fitness of Dallas Texas located on Main Street of Deep Ellum is hosting a POPULAR series of drop-in Pole Dance classes for you to sign up for.

"The Beginner Pole Dance Experience of Dallas" Class includes:

  • A one-hour certified instructor lead pole class

  • A beginner friendly lesson on various pole tricks

  • A beginner friendly lesson on choreographing a fun sensual pole routine

  • An opportunity to record yourself to share on social media (not required)

  • A place to meet up with friends OR come make some new ones

  • A B.Y.O.B. friendly atmosphere for our guests that are 21 and up

  • Complimentary B.Y.O.B. cups, soda/juice mixers and water for guests (ice not included)

  • A FREE beauty Gift for all participants as a special treat after you have worked the pole!

Frequently Asked Questions About This POPULAR Event:

1) Can Men Attend? Yes, as long as they have a paid ticket AND are participating. No onlookers are permitted.

2) How Old Do You Have to Be? We welcome all guests 17 years old and up

3) How Much Weight Does the Pole Hold? Our Professionally installed poles hold up to 350 lbs

4) Can I use this class to celebrate something? Yes, this is a great way to celebrate a bachelorette, birthday, or girls' night out experience. See the Group Ticket Offering. Space is LIMITED. If you have a larger group then we recommend booking a private setting with us. Check OUT our Pole Party Side HERE

5) Is this pole class only for beginners? No, all are welcomed, but the lesson will stay on a beginner level.

6) What is the dress code? We suggest wearing what makes you comfortable. What does work best on the pole is skin to pole contact, so shorts and a short-sleeved shirt are best. Bringing socks is strongly suggested.

7) Is this a good idea even if I am out of shape? Yes, absolutely. Upper body strength and being in peak physical shape is not a requirement to take this class. You will be able to learn even if you have not been working out lately.

8) Can I bring a cake? Yes, you may bring a cake, however the class cannot be interrupted for a cutting presentation, and we cannot extend the time of the session for that either. We also require all guests to clean up after themselves.

9) What Type of Music Will be Played? We play the latest and most popular songs during these sessions; however, our Pole Instructors are very flexible and may not mind taking a few song requests.

10) How early should I arrive? The door opens 15 minutes before the start of the event. This gives you an opportunity to change and sign the waiver.

How Much is the Session?

  • Single Tickets are $25 per person

  • Group Tickets for 3 People are $65

What is the Refund Policy?

Unless studio error such as a cancellation on behalf of the Company no refunds or credits are provided. You are able to transfer your ticket to someone else for the corresponding session and the person you transfer the ticket to must be in possession of it upon arrival to the pole studio. PLEASE READ: We do not refund due to illness, to include but not limited to Covid-19 or the Flu. We also do not refund due to emergencies that may arise or out of town guests not being able to make the event. We have a strict and fully enforceable no refund policy, but again you have the option to transfer or sell your ticket to someone else.

Where is Your Studio Located?

We are located near the Baylor hospital in Deep Ellum, Downtown Dallas at 3408 Main Street, Dallas Texas 75226.

Where Should I Park?

Majority of Parking is Free Around the Building. There is street parking and then on Elm Street there is metered parking or a paid lot at the Continental Gin.

Late Arrival NOTICE

Due to the short duration of the session and the number of activities planned for the session, guests who arrive later than 15 minutes from the actual start time of the session (not door opening time) may not be permitted. Your admittance to the class if more than 15 minutes late after the start of the session is at the full discretion of the Pole Instructor and if it is deemed that you are not able to be admitted, no refunds or credits will be given. Please be sure to arrive on time and plan for time to park.






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Power BAR Women's Fitness isn't all Pole Fitness Classes and Private Parties - WE HOST PUBLIC EVENTS TOO! We understand you may just be looking for things to do in Dallas Fort Worth and we have your ticket to the FUN! 

Check out our local events inside and outside the dance studio from pole dancing, to twerking, hot chair dance workshops, and even women empowerment and social outings! 

If its LOCAL and FUN - WE are hosting it! BROWSE EVENTS NOW!

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