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What to Expect at a Pole Dance Party in Dallas

So, you and your friends have decided to get together for a pole dancing party. How exciting!! If you’ve never been to a pole dancing party in Dallas (or pole danced at all!), you might be wondering what kind of experience you’re in for. We’re going to completely ease your mind today by answering questions that we get asked all the time and provide you with a full picture of what you’ll be walking into.

First, let’s start with what you can do to prepare yourself for a great time at your pole dancing party!

Prepping for Pole Dancing Parties

You should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. We recommend a tank top and leggings or shorts. Your team might be getting down on their knees, so wear kneepads if you wish! We also recommend bringing a water bottle because pole dancing is exercise and we want you to stay well hydrated.

Do not wear lotion or moisturizer on your body, except for your face. You don’t want your skin to be slippery because it will make it difficult for your body to grip onto the pole. Grippy skin is safer for pole dancing and help you execute the moves properly!

When You Arrive at Your Pole Dancing Party

When you get to your pole dancing party in Dallas, you’re probably equally excited and nervous! Your instructor will welcome your group and help everyone tip their scales in favor of excitement, so you start to leave that nervousness behind. Our instructors remember what their first day pole dancing was like, and they’ll keep that in mind while they guide you through your exercises. There’s no judgement here, and pole dancing parties are completely beginner-friendly!

Your instructor will guide your team though a sexy little warm-up routine. This gets your blood flowing and muscles warmed up, so your body is ready for the workout to come.

The entire session will be done without shoes or socks. If there is anyone in your group that has experience with pole dancing, and is comfortable dancing in heels, they are more than welcome to wear them! Everyone will be performing the same routine, either way.

Getting Into Pole Dancing

Once everyone is good and warmed up, your instructor will start to go over some very simple moves with your group. They’ll do the moves on their own pole for everyone to see and give verbal tips for how to execute the move properly.

As your team moves through the routine, and get a hang of the moves, your instructor will start to up the ante a bit. We’re talking sexy moves, maybe a swing around the pole or two, possibly even a hands-free move! No one will be asked to do anything unsafe or uncomfortable. The goal of a pole dancing party is to have FUN!!

We will have a playlist of fun and upbeat music for your team to dance to. Your team is welcome to provide a playlist or toss out requests if you’ve got a favorite song that you just HAVE to dance to!

Book your pole dancing party in Dallas at Pole Dance Parties today! Party consultations are free and we will be happy to answer any more questions that you might have.


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