What to Expect at a Pole Dance Party in Dallas

So, you and your friends have decided to get together for a pole dancing party. How exciting!! If you’ve never been to a pole dancing party in Dallas (or pole danced at all!), you might be wondering what kind of experience you’re in for. We’re going to completely ease your mind today by answering questions that we get asked all the time and provide you with a full picture of what you’ll be walking into.

First, let’s start with what you can do to prepare yourself for a great time at your pole dancing party!

Prepping for Pole Dancing Parties

You should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. We recommend a tank top and leggings or shorts. Your team might be getting down on their knees, so wear kneepads if you wish! We also recommend bringing a water bottle because pole dancing is exercise and we want you to stay well hydrated.

Do not wear lotion or moisturizer on your body, except for your face. You don’t want your skin to be slippery because it will make it difficult for your body to grip onto the pole. Grippy skin is safer for pole dancing and help you execute the moves properly!