What should a beginner wear to pole dancing? THE ANSWER will SHOCK YOU!

Are you scheduled for your very first pole dancing class? We bet you are super excited and possibly very nervous as well.

There are so many things to consider when you are planning to attend a pole studio for the first time. Questions like: What will the class atmosphere be like? Will I be the youngest, oldest, smallest, largest, or most inexperienced?

How will the instructor be, is she going to be nice or will she go too fast? Will I fall off the dance pole or make a fool of myself...So the very last thing you need to be inundated with is what to wear to pole dancing class.

Before we move further however, all of the other questions mentioned above are just natural fears when trying something new. Remember Fear is a False Reality That Appears Real. Power BAR Women’s Fitness wants to assure you that you will be successful in your pole dance class. So if any of those questions come to mind – SQUASH THEM!

In order to be successful in Pole Dance Fitness do not go into class comparing yourself to anyone else because you are unique!

Okay perfect… now we squashed those bad thoughts, let’s get back to what your attire should be and why.

Pole Dancing requires a lot of strength that is comprised of many different elements. There is one tiny secret a lot of beginner pole dance students do not know and we all come well equipped with it already – SKIN!