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What Do I Wear To Pole Dance Class? And What If I Don't Want To Wear Shorts?

Clothing!!! 🩱👙🩳👚 Such a major decision for pole class and also one of the main reasons people don't come. Power BAR Women's Fitness is here to give some SOUND ADVICE on what to wear for pole class and relieve some of the misconceptions that could be deterring you. . If you don't feel comfortable in a tank top, in shorts, in a bikini, in heels...Then don't wear it. Power BAR will meet you where you are. Yes, skin contact is the most helpful methodologies when learning pole fitness, but so is you being comfortable. . As you begin being comfortable in the environment, with your peers, and coach you will start becoming more confident with your clothing. . The key is getting started. The better you get, the more you will give to your craft. So many things come with learning pole and clothing doesn't have to be one of them. . If you have questioned attending a pole class because of scars, stretchmarks, weight, shape, cellulite DON'T. Let's train, come in what you feel comfortable in, and we will work in it together. . Schedule a BAR Babes class Today! . SEE YOU AT THE BAR!!


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