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The 5 DAILY Exercises that will keep YOU in Pole Shape

Have you been bitten by the Pole Bug and can’t stop thinking about your future with the Chrome BAR?

Thinking about how good you are going to be, and finally excited to work out.

Well, Power BAR wants to keep your journey passionate and the best way to do that is to keep it simple. The more convoluted you make things, the more likely you are to quit.

And We Do Not Want that now do we!

So we put our heels together to determine which daily exercises would be the most beneficial to keep you climbing your way to the top of the achievement BAR and here is what we discovered:

PLANKS – This body tightening machine will have your muscle endurance in tip top shape. Spend at least 1 minute with 30 second rests with this bad boy of an exercise 3 times daily.

PUSH UPS – We know, we know…. But when you think about the back you will build to better assist you with those pole climbs – you will THANK US LATER. Give us your best PUSH with at least 15 – 25 | 3 sets a day.

LEG LIFTS – Hello Lower Abs 😊 Want that beautiful V invert? Then let’s get those legs in a V with 3 sets of 10 leg lifts every day.

CRUNCHES – Nothing does a body good, like a good old CRUNCH. Strengthen your entire core with your sit up sets of 20 at least 3 times. Concentrate on your form and eliminate your rocking – engage your core and breath with each rep.

SQUATS – Do not underestimate the leg power needed for Pole Fitness. EVER. The legs are your secret weapon. If you have not already experienced what it takes to squeeze that little itty bitty 45 mm chrome bar between your thighs – you will soon find out. So get ahead of this battle with increasing the strength in your legs. Do 35 body weight squats 3 times a day.

Stay committed to these daily regimens and see how much easier your body reacts to the pole tricks you learn each time you get on the pole.

Keep the Power BAR team posted on your Pole Journey and Follow and TAG us on Instagram


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