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Should Teens Be Permitted To Take a Pole Dancing Class? If so, what's the age...

Let's Address This Issue! . Should we as a society allow teens (13-17 yo) to Pole Dance? . Pole Dancing can be seen EVERYWHERE. It is in the movies, music videos, Superbowl Shows, magazines, social media, and now in our own living rooms. . Is Pole Dance itself a bad thing or is it HOW it is done? . Pole Dance can be like anything else, presented in different lights. From a teen's vantage point, why cant it just be truly about the acrobatics, flexibility, strength training, and endurance? . If we take sensuality out of it - how is it different from gymnastics? . Power BAR Women's Fitness understands the sometimes controversial nature behind offering pole classes to teens, however We Take the Stance that if it is going to be shown to teens through all other channels of media, why not show them a positive and productive side that lessens the explicitness of the subject. . We do offer SELECT CLASSES to teens. These classes are meant to empower physically and mentally. We support those young dance enthusiasts who desire to learn a new respected discipline. 👑 .


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