How Pole Dancing Classes can help with reclaiming your health post-quarantine

How to Lose the ‘Quarantine 15’: Budget-Friendly Weight Loss Tips

Between a fully-stocked pantry, your gym being closed, and lots of time to kill as you shelter in place, it’s hard to avoid coronavirus-related weight gain. However, now that restrictions are lifting and cities re-opening, you’re ready to shed the excess pounds you gained during the pandemic. There’s just one problem: You’re flat broke.

Are your weight-loss goals doomed to fail without money for a gym membership and curated meal plans? Not at all! Even if funds are tight after months of lockdown, you can lose weight and get your health back on track. Here’s where to start.

Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown everything out of whack — our sleep schedules included. But poor sleep doesn’t just leave you groggy; it also contributes to weight gain and makes it harder to lose weight. If you want to shed pounds, start by fixing your sleep habits. First, follow a sleep schedule and avoid screens for an hour before bed. If that doesn’t work, invest in blackout curtains and a wake-up light to help you go to sleep and wake up on time. While wake-up lights can be costly, HeimVision’s version is great for insomniacs on a budget.

Swap High-Calorie Snacks for Fresh Alternatives

Shelf-stable processed foods got us through quarantine. But while we sought comfort in packs of chips and crackers, our waistlines grew. While you may not be able to ditch your snacking habits overnight, you can replace processed foods with healthier alternatives now that going to the grocery store feels a bit safer. Raw vegetables with hummus, apples, homemade popcorn, and unsweetened yo