How to Become a Pole Dance Instructor and Earn Money Teaching Pole Fitness

As if Pole Dancing wasn't on the rise - the Pandemic of 2020 has certainly sky rocketed it to oblivion. So many curious minded people are wanting to learn more about Pole Dance as a possible side business.

Don't know where to start? Let Power BAR Women's Fitness help with all of your questions regarding certification, process, cost, and getting started.

To start it off - there is not Federal or State Regulations regarding teaching pole dancing as a fitness form. Zumba, Pilates, and Cross Fit all have their regulated form of teaching, but Pole Dancing - not so much.

This doesn't mean that one should just go about teaching recklessly to anyone who will listen. Pole dance fitness can be a very dangerous sport that can cause injury even unto death and should be treated with respect. This is why if you have not been an active student for a number of years where you are considered an expertise from hands on experience, then you should be taught how to properly teach pole before leading others.

Currently, you can find some places that will offer in house certification on various levels and Power BAR is one of those dance studios that offers extensive pole fitness instructor training.

What is an in house certification?

It is typically a testament that a participant has joined and completed a certain number of hours and tasks that prove their ability to lead others in pole fitness instruction with safety and clarity.