How Long Does It Take to Become Good at Pole Dancing?

We get asked this question all the time: “how long will it take to learn how to pole dance?” or “when will I be good at pole dancing?”

There really isn’t an easy answer! The amount of time it takes to become good at pole dancing will really depend on the quality of your instructor, the amount of time you dedicate to practicing, and how far you push yourself to learn more.

It also depends on what your idea of “good at pole dancing” is. For some people, that might look like hanging upside on the pole hands-free. For others, it might just be the ability to swing around the pole without falling.

No matter where you’re at, a 4-week course can help you get good at pole dancing!

The BAR Level Program – Pole Dancing for Beginners

Our BAR Level Program helps beginner pole dancers learn the basics of pole dancing through a series of 1.5-hour classes. Our pole dancing classes meet once a week for 4-weeks and are supplemented with plenty of videos for you to watch at home – no pole necessary.