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Holiday Workouts So You Can Eat Your Cake Too!

So it begins - The struggle between body goals and tasty holiday meals. Lets not even mention the alcoholic beverages and fancy calorie loaded desserts! How do women keep their figure when we are hit with Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving Deliciousness, and Christmas Goodies?

First is start with educating yourself on all you will need to do to shed those pounds you are packing on and that will help you remember an extra slice of holiday pie may not be worth it.

Take a look at the article in MSN that discusses tests they ran with people walking more than 3 miles per hour or running at a speed of 6MPH.

The sad thing is you can not outwork a BAD Diet!

What you can do is stay ahead of it. You can be consistent and do exercises that target your overall body such as a combination of cardio and strength training. Pole dancing offers a platform that perfectly provides all elements of the exercise you need to stay lean and trim during the holiday family feasts.

Take a look at our video on "Will Pole Dancing Help me Lose Weight" HERE


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