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Holiday Pole Dance Parties in Dallas are great for Social Distancing Options

Thanksgiving in 2020 is certainly one for the books!

So many health advisories stating to stay home and hold Thanksgiving during a Zoom Call. Sharing the message of love by being distant and not spending time with friends and family is a now a way to show you love them. I know just like us, many of you are so ready for this nightmare to be over.

But one thing is for sure – we are adaptable to the times and understanding of the need to social distance inside our Pole studios. This is why we offer private small group settings for you to stretch out inside of our dance studios.

With our private setting you can keep your distance, but still keep your communication and socialization alive these holiday seasons.

Here are some tips for safety if you will be spending time with loved ones:

Have everyone wash hands upon arrival, before drinking or eating, and before leaving

Checking temperatures and asking the COVID19 prescreening questions

Keeping hand sanitizer stations throughout the areas where people will be hanging out

Everyone keeping facemasks on throughout the whole event

When eating or drinking institute social distancing of at least 6 feet

Continual cleaning of surfaces with disinfectant spray

Using disposable utensils and dishes

With all of these precautions don’t forget to Enjoy everyone’s company this holiday season!


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