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Experience What it Feels like to be a BABE

Revamp Your Workout Today!

Join the hundreds of students who are choosing to revamp their fitness routine.

Gym visits can get the best of us, but we could never say that about dancing to our favorite song?!

That is why Pole Dance for fitness is such an attraction to many. You get a full body workout in every area that is needed. Strength Training, Cardio, and Flexibility – but the hook is…. It does not feel like a WORKOUT!

Picture this… You in a comfortable room, with tunes to make you want to move, surrounded by other women who want to be a better version of themselves…smiles, affirmations, and support. You are guided in a gentle way with clear communication on how to do the moves, tricks, and dance – you are never left behind in the dance…

Now picture yourself leaving feeling accomplished!

Seems REAL huh?

Because it is for so many Power BAR Women’s Fitness students. Join the others in our community who have fallen back in love with staying in shape. It challenges you and motivates you to keep trying until you get it.

Your body is in better shape than it’s been in in a long time.

Pole will bring you so much confidence. So much so that every time you walk past a mirror you will not be able to stop checking yourself out!

So, what are you waiting for BABE? Join a class designed just for YOU Today!


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