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Exercises To Build Upper Body Strength And Increase Flexibility

Exercises To Build Upper Body Strength And Increase Flexibility

Having upper body strength is the key to phenomenal pole dancing/ bar fitness. Not only that, but how beneficial would it be to daily life to have a good set of upper body strength? We are going to walk you through a few quick, and easy tips to achieving your upper body AND flexibility goals. Flexibility makes getting around the bar, and performing tricks easy, without any discomfort. Achieving these goals and improving these elements to the body don't have to be hard, or take a lot of your time. Some workouts only take 15 minutes!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. If you have had a long day of work, but want to get in a few minutes to work on your upper body and flexibility this Youtube video from @MadFit really makes it easy. She also sets a timer for each workout so you know exactly how long to perform each step!

  1. If you are more of a morning person, and like to knock out any of your physical activities before heading into work, here is a great video titled “Wake up with Renee! Stretch and Mobility Routine for Pole Dancers.” This is great because her routine is quick, easy, and designed specifically for pole dancers who need to work on flexibility!

  1. Lastly we have found a great upper body workout video by Hanna Öberg

that is specifically for beginners! If you are looking to begin that build prior to entering a bar class, this is a really great routine to get you started. Again it is a quick, easy routine that can be done at home, or the gym!

We hope that these few resources are enough to get your body moving into the direction you would like to go with not only your power bar fitness, but in daily life! Spending that extra time on your body will help your confidence, as well as make bar sessions less uncomfortable. Putting in the work to better your upper body and flexibility is well worth those 15 minutes before dinner after work. If you would like to acquire different forms of workout, consider doing a little research, and maybe find something more tailored to you! Good luck, and we can't wait to see your results and progress!


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