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Embrace the Challenge of Fall Fitness Indoors

Some people dread the traditional indoor activities of fall and winter, such as holiday gatherings with unhealthy foods, drinks, and stressful interactions, but it doesn’t have to be that way with indoor fitness.

Once the temperature decreases and days get shorter, it’s easy to fall out of your fitness habits, but don’t let the chill of fall foil your exercise routine! Just change it up and start working out indoors. The change in seasons can negatively affect our mood (leading to another case of the winter weather blues), but it’s also a great opportunity to try something new to stay active and increase positivity! Learning a new skill helps to keep both your mind and body active, making workout routines more challenging while building endurance.

At Power BAR Women’s Fitness, we have just the thing (hint: it’s not your traditional gym workout) to keep you on track with your fitness goals and schedule – pole dance training classes! Pole fitness is one activity that will ensure your exercise routine is anything but boring and you’ll get a full-body workout in the process. Pole fitness is a style of exercise that allows for socialization, but also fuses acrobatics, gymnastics, and dancing for a great cardio workout with muscle toning and maximum calorie burn effects. More importantly, with all of the fun that pole dancing provides, it won’t seem like an exercise that you have to do, but rather something that you want to do.

Rise to the Fall Fitness Challenge

Here are some ideas to help you stick to your exercise goals this fall:

Choose the ideal time for your workout. Healthy habits take time and dedication to develop. Set a recurring time to exercise which fits into your regular schedule and leaves you feeling your best, and then commit to it.

Motivate yourself to get moving. Preparation is key when it comes to successfully achieving any goal. Changing seasons are a great excuse to get new fitness clothing and accessories to level up your workout routine.

Challenge yourself to prevent boredom. Variation in your workout habits will keep your interest and build agility. Refresh your routine with different training exercises and take advantage of the variety of pole fitness classes that are available to continue challenging yourself.

Demonstrate accountability for fitness goals. Making commitments motivate us to dress up and show up. You don’t have to go it alone, so work out with a friend or fitness group like PBWF to hold yourself accountable because all activities are better with company and support!

Apply these practices to your fitness routine and feel that sense of accomplishment when you achieve a goal. There are even alternative options for indoor workouts at home on days when the weather is not ideal, including: virtual classes, mobile apps, and online fitness videos.

Don’t waste time waiting around until the new year to make another boring resolution. Start setting some new, indoor fall fitness goals to avoid the winter weather blues and stay fit. You can always make your indoor workouts fun and exciting with pole dance classes! Meet us inside at the BAR and get moving today!

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