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Coronavirus Prevention Measures on behalf of Power BAR Women's Fitness

Dallas, Texas - If you are a participant or member of our Power BAR Women's Fitness dance studio, we recommend you watch this video to see what measures our Founder and CEO is taking to prevent the spread of the virus. We are community that wants to support health and wellness and in lieu of the recent events we are going to temporarily pause regularly scheduled classes effective March 16th until March 29th. If anything should change and things improve sooner, we will certainly lift the class pause earlier. Pole parties, for now will continue to be conducted and closely monitored. We will be extending the terms of purchases to see that there are no losses to anyone's self care investment. Our thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected by the virus and we want you to know your well being is our focus. The well being of our entire community and beyond is as well. Thank you for partnering with Power BAR Women's Fitness to help do our part in the prevention of more cases, and in the name of health. Please send all questions via email to: Thank you again. Be safe, Be healthy, and Be Empowered! Teresa S. Founder/CEO


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