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BAR Level Series

Join a Pole Program you can Trust! Here is all you will get…

When you invest in your pole journey with Power BAR Women’s Fitness with our $159 BAR Level Program here is what you get: . ✅ Four 1.5 hour in person Pole Training sessions over the course of 4 weeks (beginner, intermediate, advanced levels to choose from) . ✅ Two weekly drop in classes: BAR Babes to work on choreography and creativity with the pole Floor n Core to strengthen your total body (especially abs) in a sexy way . ✅ Access to our online portal to do at home workouts 24/7 . ✅ A one-time Buddy pass to share with a friend for one of our drop in classes . ✅ Discount on PBWF Merch . ✅ A Proven Pole Fitness Program that has graduated hundreds of students JUST LIKE YOU to a new level in Pole Fitness

This is a ONE TIME purchase and then it becomes your choice to continue the Pole Journey after seeing results. NO CONTRACTS EVER! (because you deserve to make your own powerful decisions – PLUS we know you will want MORE) . Power BAR is a pole dance studio where you can be yourself while being unique! . If you don't know how to dance, If you are a curvy woman, if you hate work outs but want to better your health, if you want a better social circle with positive go getting women and men, if you want diversity, if you want to build confidence, if you want solid teaching where it is not about how many tricks the instructor can do - but how much they can teach you.... . Then it is time to REGISTER at Power BAR Women's Fitness! . . We have coaches standing by ready to help you!! .

Whether you’re a newbie or a pole fitness veteran, you’ll have fun climbing the tall poles here with great instructors to guide you. Awakenings is a safe and fun space to work out and have fun!

Everyone inspires one another, students and instructors. They have a ton of friendly beginner options as well as upper level opportunities for the more advanced student. Truly one of the best communities.

See you at the BAR!


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