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At Home Pole Dancing Classes & Choosing Dance Poles

The merits of pole dancing, choosing the best dance pole for at home classes and more!

While different people prefer different methods of exercising and fitness, pole dancing has seen a rise recently among the available choices. Pole fitness is an entire category that merges acrobatics, gymnastics, and dancing. What makes this form of exercise even more unique and standing out is that it breaks from the traditionally gym setting and opens the door for your own creativity!

Today, pole fitness is a recognized arena in spite of the stigma surrounding it, up to the point where annual Pole World Cups are being held to allow both men and women to compete for prizes.

Why try pole dancing?

· It’s efficient. Pole fitness is a form of exercise that brings together cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility throughout the body, all in a form of dancing that won’t feel like a strict workout routine.

· It’s adaptable. Class intensity can very easily vary according to your degree of fitness, experience, and your required goal. It may range from basic stretches, muscle toning with lifts, and up to high-intense choreography for a cardio workout.

· It can be empowering! There’s an undeniable rejoice in reclaiming pole dancing from mere objectification and turning it into an exercise in the fitness field, a professional arena of competition, and a passion. Pole dancing classes may introduce a positive vibe, body acceptance, and motivation into your life.

· It’s available. Pole fitness classes can be taken online now! While you may find clubs and gyms in your area offering pole dancing classes, you can still choose online classes to suit your schedule, save time commuting, and workout from your own home. Check out Power Bar Women’s Fitness online pole dancing classes for pros, novices, and even private bookings.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of trying pole dancing but hesitant because of the current restrictions on joining gyms, you’re in luck! Pole dancing is one of the genres of fitness where online classes are just as common as offline ones. You can pick out a spot in a pole class from the comfort of your home.

Nevertheless, many people may find the ideal pole class and fitness instructors online, yet they face initial trouble with the equipment required, that is, the pole itself. But no need for worrying, it’s common for people to hesitate upon choosing a dance pole, especially for beginners. Here’s a guide that may help you find your way when browsing for a dance pole to use along with your online dancing classes:

Choosing the best dance pole for at home classes

Choosing sports equipment may be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you start getting the hang of the main characteristics and factors, you can start comparing and choosing what’s best for you. So, when you’re in the process of looking for a suitable dance pole to practice on with online classes, you need to keep in mind these four factors: budgets, installations, permanency, and size.


Much like any other product, poles prices will vary greatly between brands. The same brand will typically offer a range of price points according to material, features, and size. For instance, Lupit Pole offers variations of their classic model with stainless steel and powder coat.


Installing your own dance pole at home can be done in a lot of different ways deepening on the pole’s model itself. Dancing pole installations methods include either a ceiling mount or a platform pole.

So, if you’re looking for something with limited assembly skills, you can check out the X-Stage models with different platform dimensions. X-Pole typically sends out DVD tutorials for the installation process, they also offer models that require no drilling or screwing.


Dance poles may be either fixed in a permanent spot or movable. While you might default to removable pole, keep in mind that fixed poles are typically sturdier. So, consider your housing situation and decide whether you need a permanent one or you’d rather go for something you can remove and reposition elsewhere.

For removable ones, Lil Mynx’ poles range from $209 to $259, or X-Pole’s set for $280.


Regardless of the installation method you choose, be aware of the measurements of the available spot in your home before purchasing the dance pole. Lil Mynx offers customizing the pole length to your ceiling height free of charge. You may also need to take notice of the platform dimensions if you’re going for a model with a stage.

Additional Features:

Other products come with additional features that you may love to have in a dancing pole. For instance, you can get a spinning pole instead of a stationary one, the like X-Pert set for $495. Lil Mynx also offers a Rotator model for $269 that allows a shift between standard static poles and spinning ones.

However, if you’re still a beginner, you might want to get a simpler model to train on.

By now, you should’ve narrowed your selection range significantly. There’s hardly a wrong and right choice when it comes to dancing poles. Just try to balance your needs in terms of spacing, budget and skill, and remember to have fun!


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