At Home Pole Dancing Classes & Choosing Dance Poles

The merits of pole dancing, choosing the best dance pole for at home classes and more!

While different people prefer different methods of exercising and fitness, pole dancing has seen a rise recently among the available choices. Pole fitness is an entire category that merges acrobatics, gymnastics, and dancing. What makes this form of exercise even more unique and standing out is that it breaks from the traditionally gym setting and opens the door for your own creativity!

Today, pole fitness is a recognized arena in spite of the stigma surrounding it, up to the point where annual Pole World Cups are being held to allow both men and women to compete for prizes.

Why try pole dancing?

· It’s efficient. Pole fitness is a form of exercise that brings together cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility throughout the body, all in a form of dancing that won’t feel like a strict workout routine.

· It’s adaptable. Class intensity can very easily vary according to your degree of fitness, experience, and your required goal. It may range from basic stretches, muscle toning with lifts, and up to high-intense choreography for a cardio workout.

· It can be empowering! There’s an undeniable rejoice in reclaiming pole dancing from mere objectification and turning it into an exercise in the fitness field, a professional arena of competition, and a passion. Pole dancing classes may introduce a positive vibe, body acceptance, and motivation into your life.