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Are you on the fence about a Series?

On the fence about commitment? Don’t be.

At Power BAR Women’s Fitness everyone inspires one another, students, and instructors in our 4 Week BAR Level Series.

No matter how you start, Our Promise is that you will not end the series the same. We carefully plan each week of your series to ensure we bring you physical fitness, creativity, fun, and success.

Our BAR Level Series is not class as usual. It is about your development, no matter the end goal.

If you want to tone up – lose weight – feel confident – brush up on Pole Skills – or just try something new you will love what the BAR Level Program brings you.

Taught by the best and most skilled Pole Fitness Coaches. A curriculum built with you in mind.

Each class has strength training to ensure your muscles are conditioned for pole and flexibility to give you more range of motion through your pole tricks. We finish each 1.5 hour session with a polished pole dance routine where you can officially learn how to blend pole tricks with transitions.

This BAR Level series is available to you at each Power BAR Women’s Fitness Studio. A new series begins every 2 weeks. Don’t waste time getting started – and let’s get married to our own progress!



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