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The Good News about being quarantined - is being virtual

Benefit from a beginner pole dance lesson at home!

- Save time by limiting the need to travel to a dance studio

- Get straight to lesson without interupptions from other classmates

- Pause and rewind the lessons you take to double down on the understanding

- Learn from the comfort of your home where you are more confident

- Build virtual relationships with classmates from all over Power BAR Women's fitness has stepped into the virtual education realm with online pole fitness and dance classes.

If you have a dance pole at home that has just been collecting dust and you haven't found the time to actually get to the dance studio - take the class from home!

YES! This means make as many mistakes as you need to and save face (LOL) You can do these beginner pole classes and gain conditioning from the additional dance fitness classes such as "Floor n Core", "Power BUNZ", and "Chair Fitness". Pole dancing is an excellent workout that can develop your whole body.

Lessons offered will enahnce strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and stamina.

Find out more by visiting us online at

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