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Motivate Yourself with the Latest Music for Your Workout!

Power BAR Women's Fitness of Dallas Fort Worth showcases our pole dance version of the top song "No Guidance" by Chris Brown ft. Drake.

This is the Best Song to Dance to and is certainly sexy musically. The Pole Dance Instructors show beginner pole dance moves, unlike the original video - but also advanced pole tricks as well. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!!🔥🔥🔥 Hot Pole Dance Choreography from the Dallas Power BAR Dance Studio Learning pole dance is a fun and challenging process that many women are doing as a workout option. The full body fitness is allowing women to feel empowered, strong, sexy, and in control. This does not require you to want to be an exotic dancer as pole dancing is not a stripper class. Pole dancing is art. Pole dancing is creativity. Pole dancing is freedom of expression. Take a look at Power BAR Women's Fitness dance video of the choreography and you be the judge. Using the dance pole as an alternative method of fitness allows you to love your workout. It is because you focus on a goal and not just the work. Put on your favorite music artist and jam to their musical creations and you artistically create a visual masterpiece. No dance experience required - but passion is! If you visit Dallas or visit Fort Worth we hope you will stop by any one of our Power BAR Women's Fitness dance studio locations to take our beginner pole dancing class! You can check us out on our website at and be sure to follow our YouTube channel and our Instagram Page!! 

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