Help! What Do I Wear to Pole Dancing Class?

As if women don't battle the "what to wear" monster there is pole class. 

No sweat! Power BAR Women's Fitness has you covered (literally)🤗


Let's first uncover the reason why attire in pole class is so important. It is not the ordinary local gym where movement is predictable and most equipment is used with your hands and feet. Pole dancing requires the use of the biggest organ on your body - Skin!

Yes, your skin can literally be the difference between a good pole day and a bad pole day. Your legs and arms initially will help you as a new pole dancer to  have more grip and support as you focus on learning pole tricks.

Due to this, shorts and short sleeved shirts work best as attire for pole dancing. It will give you the freedom of dance movement and the connection of skin to dance pole that you'll need to focus on learning in the pole dance lesson, verses adjusting your clothing.